110 Deployment Awareness

Course Overview:

Deployment Awareness is a new REACT course focused on deployments, whether they are for an incident across town or in another county or another state. If you leave your house to go do emergency communications, you are deploying. This course teaches basic considerations and procedures for deploying and provides guidelines for working with people and organization s in localities that have been hit by a major emergency or disaster.

Our Deployment Awareness course covers:

  • What Is a Deployment
  • Deployment – How Far
  • Deployment by Typed Resources
  • The Impacts on the Locals
  • You Are a REACT Responder
  • Your Credentials
  • REACT Operations
  • Mutual Aid
  • Fitting into the Incident Command System
  • Security
  • When Do You Not Respond

The course manual is 24 pages in length, and should take no more than 1 hour to complete. There is a detailed final examination – when you are ready, contact our training staff at Training@REACTIntl.org to obtain the web address and password for our online testing system. Continuing education units are awarded for course completion.

This course will not make you an expert in deployments. It is an introduction. You have to practice your Team’s deployment procedures in full scale or functional exercises and drills. You have to participate in REACT’s quarterly ALERTEX exercises to become familiar with how information flows through our organization in disasters. Your Team needs to develop equipment lists and standard operating procedures and ensure that your emergency operations plan and memoranda of agreement are up to date. As disasters become more frequent and more devastating, REACT Teams have a greater opportunity to make a difference by responding to requests for assistance from neighboring teams and from state level organizations. When you develop proficiency, you will make a real contribution to improve REACT’s overall ability to be an effective communications partner for the emergency management community.