111 Basics of Drills and Exercises

Course Overview:

This is a new course in our series of short courses for REACT members to train to perform communications duties in emergencies. A key part of any Team training program is participation in emergency drills and exercises, both those that Team conducts for its members and those conducted by supported organizations and the community. Because exercises can be complex events, we believe that it is important that you understand the types of exercises and the basics of how they work before you participate in one. Knowing what you are getting into will make the training more valuable to you and your Team.

Our Basics of Drills and Exercises covers:

  • Introduction
  • What Is An Exercise?
  • Types Of Exercises
  • Ahead Of Time
  • The Exercise Process
  • Public Services Events As Exercises
  • Continuous Improvement

The course manual is 13 pages in length and should take no more than 1 hour to complete.  There is a detailed final examination – when you are ready, contact our training staff at Training@REACTIntl.org to obtain the web address and password for our online testing system.  Continuing education units are awarded for course completion.

Exercise participation helps build individual skills, develop teamwork among Team members, and develop mutual understanding and confidence among the participating organizations. This course will give you ideas for developing your own exercises and highlights opportunities to work with other agencies and volunteer organizations.