116 Introduction To Net Control

Course Overview:

This is a new course in our series of short courses for REACT members to train to perform communications duties in emergencies. It is designed to give participants in REACT formal radio nets the knowledge needed to serve as Net Control Stations. This knowledge will help you develop as a more proficient radio operator and prepare you to take leadership roles in emergency communications operations.
Our Introduction to Net Control covers:

  • Basic Types of Nets
  • Nets in Use
  • Net Organization
  • Operating Practices
  • Nets on Repeaters
  • Subdivide the Net
  • What You Do Not Care About
  • Net Reports
  • Appendix – Net Scripts
  • Appendix – Example Net Emergency Operations Plan

The course manual is 31 pages in length (plus additional appendices) and should take no more than 2 hours to complete. There is a detailed final examination – when you are ready, contact our training staff at Training@REACTIntl.org to obtain the web address and password for our online testing system.  Continuing education units are awarded for course completion.

Completing a course on serving as a net control station does not make you an expert. You need to first regularly participate in a formal net and gain experience receiving and transmitting formal messages. Then work with net manager and more experienced Net Control Stations to develop your skills by taking responsibility for some portion of the net’s activity, working up to shifts as Net Control Station with a mentor standing by. When you are confident, get on the schedule to serve as the net’s Net Control. Then work to expand your skill set in disaster exercises – REACT International conducts quarterly Internet exercises that provide experience working nets in an emergency. Contact Training@REACTIntl.org for more information.