103B Protecting Personal And Sensitive Information

Course Overview:

This is the second of a series of short courses for REACT members to train to perform communications duties in emergencies. In both routine emergency calls and disaster communications, we have to transmit the information that is needed for an effective response. At the same time, we must protect personal information that identifies the persons impacted by the emergency and sensitive information needed to manage the response. Failing to do so may put victims at risk, violate legal and ethical requirements, or provide information to terrorists that put responders at risk.
Our Protecting Personal and Sensitive Information covers:

  • Introduction
  • First
  • General Principles
  • Personal Information
  • Sensitive Information
  • What Methods Are Most Vulnerable
  • Steps For Protection

The course manual is 11 pages in length and should take no more than 1 hour to complete. There is a detailed final examination – when you are ready, contact our training staff at Training@REACTIntl.org to obtain the web address and password for our online testing system.  Continuing education units are awarded for course completion.

Protecting information is a major concern for all organizations that respond to emergencies or disasters. If those organizations trust us to help them perform their critical functions and provide services to those in need, we must be prepared to meet the same standards in our communications duties as they do in their overall operations.